Application to bank

Your work is almost done! We just need you to complete a few more questions so our team can complete your bank application for you. Our team of mortgage experts makes sure your application to the bank has the best chance of being successful by completing the application for you and raising any concerns or questions before sending it. If they need anything further from you to complete or strengthen your application they’ll reach out to you. You may be asked to resubmit some documents, supply new documents, or provide further information on certain transactions. 

  • More documents/information requested 

Sometimes the bank requires additional documents or information to support your application. It’s completely normal and not something to worry about. Providing the requested information will help us make your application as strong as possible and set you up to get your pre-approval as soon as possible!

  • Signing your application 

Once our team has completed your application you’ll be notified to log back into your Huspy portal account to check through the application and sign it so we can send it to the bank. We recommend reviewing your application and signing it online as it’s faster and more efficient but you can also print, sign, scan, and re-upload it to the portal if you feel more comfortable. 


If you noticed an error in your application tick the ‘no’ box and comment what the issue is. Our team will be notified and will resolve the issue within 2 working days. You’ll be notified when it’s been updated so you can re-check your application and sign it if you’re ready. 


After signing your application it takes between 3-15 working days to find out if you’ve been pre-approved, although this depends on the complexity of your profile and the bank you’ve chosen. 

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